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Passion People 938 Live

He calls himself a catalyst…for dreams. He has had more than thirty years experience helping people…first as a medical doctor and then as a full time Church volunteer.  His latest project is called Goducate. It provides the seed capital and training for rural livelihood projects overseas. Dr Paul Choo is Devika Misra’s guest on 6th September 2010 on Passion People at 938 Live.

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Go... & Educate!

Helping Needy Asians Help Themselves

Goducate is a non profit organization. The name itself comes from 2 words – “Go” and “Educate”.

“Go” means to proceed, to advance. It denotes a movement, passing from one place to another. It signifies progress being made.

“Educate” means to teach, to train, to groom, to refine. It describes a process to stimulate or develop the mental or moral growth of a person. It speaks of empowerment.

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Youths take charge of moringa awareness project in Iloilo

The Goducate Training Center (GTC) has been encouraging its neighboring communities to plant and eat moringa, and as part of its health feeding program it has been distributing moringa powder to malnourished children. At first the powder was made only at GTC, but as our community work increased, we have taught the communities to make the powder themselves.

Last November, GTC held its first Community Youth Leadership Seminar. 33 high-school and college students from 5 barangays attended this event, the aim of which was to expose them to our existing community work, such as vermicomposting, moringa awareness, and pig rearing.

After that seminar, one of the youths, Julius, a radiography student, taught the benefits of moringa and how to make moringa powder in one barangay (the smallest administrative division) as part of his school’s community outreach every Saturday.

Julius is also the president of 4H (health, heart, hand, and head) club in San Miguel municipality. 4H is a national youth organization for people aged 15-35, the aim of which is to encourage members to learn, grow and work together for positive change.

There are about 15 members in Barangay Sto Angel, where Julius lives. GTC encouraged Julius’ 4H group in Sto Angel to make moringa powder. They buy fresh moringa leaves from their own community. A few weeks ago they brought their first batch of 0.75 kg of moringa powder (from about 10 kg) of fresh leaves) for sale to GTC. The group has taken over from us the moringa awareness/information drive in their barangay and other barangays as well.

Julius’ father is the captain (chief) of BrgySto Angel. He wants every household to plant moringa and hopes that Sto Angel will be the center of moringa in San Miguel, if not the whole of the Philippines.The 4H group has started to plant moringa in the community and will be using vermicompost as fertilizer. We are keen to see how the captain’s dream will be realized.

Julius teaching the benefits of moringa

Julius teaching the benefits of moringa

The 4H group with their moringa powder at GTC.

The 4H group with their moringa powder at GTC.

*Leigh is the GTC Community Health/Moringa Coordinator

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