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Passion People 938 Live

He calls himself a catalyst…for dreams. He has had more than thirty years experience helping people…first as a medical doctor and then as a full time Church volunteer.  His latest project is called Goducate. It provides the seed capital and training for rural livelihood projects overseas. Dr Paul Choo is Devika Misra’s guest on 6th September 2010 on Passion People at 938 Live.

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Go... & Educate!

Helping Needy Asians Help Themselves

Goducate is a non profit organization. The name itself comes from 2 words – “Go” and “Educate”.

“Go” means to proceed, to advance. It denotes a movement, passing from one place to another. It signifies progress being made.

“Educate” means to teach, to train, to groom, to refine. It describes a process to stimulate or develop the mental or moral growth of a person. It speaks of empowerment.

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Goducate student from East Malaysia enters university in Philippines

In July 2014, the Goducate Training Center (GTC) in Iloilo, Philippines, started to prepare youths and adults for the Accreditation and Equivalency program of the Alternative Learning System (ALS). The ALS is a Philippines Department of Education program for people who have not finished their schooling. Those who pass the ALS at the high-school (secondary) level can qualify for tertiary education. GTC embarked on this program in partnership with a local school.

Angelica Amodia comes from East Malaysia. Her parents are Filipinos from Mindanao. To escape the civil strife and poverty in their province, they went to East Malaysia, where the family lived as undocumented aliens. As such, the children were not entitled to state education.

Angelica learnt literacy, numeracy, and had some basic schooling at a Goducate learning center in East Malaysia, after which she helped to teach others at one of the centers. However, she wanted to further her education. So she returned to the Philippines to undergo the ALS at GTC. She passed the examination at the secondary level and now, aged 19, is a freshman at the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College in Lemery, Iloilo, taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management, but she plans to switch to Education because she has realized that her passion is in teaching.

Her hope is that when she graduates she will be able to help her family and community. Meanwhile, she spends her spare time as a volunteer in Goducate’s community work in Lemery.

School acknowledging ALS passers

School acknowledging ALS passers

Angelica in the library

Angelica in the library

*Our guest writer is Joanna De Leon, a community development worker.

Goducate runs pupils’ leadership summit in Iloilo, Philippines

In helping others help themselves, Goducate trains families, and companies, schools, and other organizations in leadership and team-building within their own context. Some of the training is done at the Goducate Training Center, but Goducate also has a mobile team that goes out to do the training. Goducate is … … Read More

Goducate Scholar becomes secondary school teacher

In March this year, 7 out of 41 Goducate scholars in the 2014-15 batch graduated from various universities in the Philippines. This Goducate Scholarship Program in Laguna, sponsored by a Goducate supporter, pays for the tuition fees of students from very low income families who are in the Goducate … … Read More