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Passion People 938 Live

He calls himself a catalyst…for dreams. He has had more than thirty years experience helping people…first as a medical doctor and then as a full time Church volunteer.  His latest project is called Goducate. It provides the seed capital and training for rural livelihood projects overseas. Dr Paul Choo is Devika Misra’s guest on 6th September 2010 on Passion People at 938 Live.

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Go... & Educate!

Helping Needy Asians Help Themselves

Goducate is a non profit organization. The name itself comes from 2 words – “Go” and “Educate”.

“Go” means to proceed, to advance. It denotes a movement, passing from one place to another. It signifies progress being made.

“Educate” means to teach, to train, to groom, to refine. It describes a process to stimulate or develop the mental or moral growth of a person. It speaks of empowerment.

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Goducate’s Happy Happy English program is featured in newspapers on anniversary of Little India riot

Monday Dec 8 was the first anniversary of the riot in Little India that prompted Goducate to set up the Happy Happy English program in foreign workers’ dormitories in Singapore. Little India is a district in Singapore where Indian shops are concentrated and where foreign workers from the Indian subcontinent congregate on their days off.

Over the weekend and on Monday itself, Singapore newspapers commemorated the anniversary with reports on how the riot developed, the repercussions of the riot (such as the restrictions on sale and consumption of liquor in the area, and the restrictions on movement of foreign workers into the area), the findings of the committee of inquiry, and how foreign workers and locals have responded to the riot.

Two newspapers reported on Goducate’s Happy Happy English program. They reported on how the volunteers teach the workers functional English, but more importantly, as the name of the program implies, bring some happiness to these people by becoming their friends. These foreign workers have to leave home to live here in quarters that are generally in isolated parts of the island, and to work here for very long hours just to pay off debts and make ends meet at home. An equally important point made in the reports is how the program has helped to dispel some of the misconceptions that Singaporeans have about foreign workers—namely, that they are a group to be feared, when in fact they are very normal people like any of us.

Happy Happy English has so far been operating in three dormitories. We hope to bring happiness to workers in other dormitories as well.

Report in Straits Times

Report in Straits Times

Report in The New Paper

Report in The New Paper

Boys from Goducate Children’s Home in Cambodia continue their education in the Philippines

Two of the older boys in the Goducate Children’s Home in Cambodia are now continuing their education in the Philippines.

At the Home the two boys, like the other residents there, undergo a US-based home-schooling program. However, to ensure that they will be able to fit well into their … … Read More

Goducate Laguna holds its 2nd music camp

Goducate Laguna held its 2nd music camp at the Goducate Laguna Campsite in Pupuy, Bay, from Oct 30 to Nov 1. Unlike the first camp, which was held over 2 days for both the senior and junior orchestras (see Aug 29 blog), this one was a more intensive camp … … Read More