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Passion People 938 Live

He calls himself a catalyst…for dreams. He has had more than thirty years experience helping people…first as a medical doctor and then as a full time Church volunteer.  His latest project is called Goducate. It provides the seed capital and training for rural livelihood projects overseas. Dr Paul Choo is Devika Misra’s guest on 6th September 2010 on Passion People at 938 Live.

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Go... & Educate!

Helping Needy Asians Help Themselves

Goducate is a non profit organization. The name itself comes from 2 words – “Go” and “Educate”.

“Go” means to proceed, to advance. It denotes a movement, passing from one place to another. It signifies progress being made.

“Educate” means to teach, to train, to groom, to refine. It describes a process to stimulate or develop the mental or moral growth of a person. It speaks of empowerment.

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Goducate in Iloilo partners Junior Chamber International to help Aeta Tribe

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a non-profit organization that provides development opportunities that empower young people aged 18-40 to create positive change. It engages in activities ranging from community development to national and international projects, which demonstrate members’ social responsibility in improving themselves and others through participation, leadership, and action. Such activities and aims are very much in line with Goducate’s.

JCI is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and it has chapters in more than 100 countries. Its Iloilo Ilang-Ilang Chapter is an all-female chapter of JCI Philippines.

To celebrate JCI’s 100th anniversary, JCI Iloilo Ilang-Ilang launched a project entitled “Langit sa Lanit (Heaven in Lanit)” . to help and empower the Aeta “Ati” tribe in Lanit. Lanit is a village belonging to Iloilo City. The Aetas are the indigenous tribe in Iloilo Province. They are one of the ancestors of the Filipinos. They are now considered a minority. Most of them are uneducated and needy. They usually come from remote areas, especially the mountainous ones. Because of poverty and lack of food, livelihood, and other opportunities in the mountainous areas, they venture into the city. A few families are living in the compound of a pastor in Lanit.

For the Langit sa Lanit project, JCI Iloilo Ilang-Ilang partnered with the local barangay officials, Barangay Health Workers, APEX Club of Iloilo City, Central Philippine University (CPU) Medical Team, Western Visayas Medical Doctors, Doane Baptist Church Young People, and Goducate.

To prepare and equip its partners, JCI Iloilo Ilang-Ilang held a lecture on “Understanding Indigenous People” on April 14 at a restaurant in the city.

The project was launched at the compound of the Ati Tribe on April 15 with activities such as a demonstration of how to wash hands property, a talk on family planning, a ear check-up, and training on the commercial production of native chicken. Goducate helped with “Can You Hear Me 2.0?”, the ear-check-up program.

Aetas from other municipalities were also invited to the launch of the program, so in total 46 Aetas participated that day. JCI Iloilo Ilang-Ilang, together with its partners, will continue to monitor and help the group.

Doctor from CPU demonstrating hand washing technique

Doctor from CPU demonstrating hand washing technique

Goducate team with certificate of appreciation from JCI

Goducate team with certificate of appreciation from JCI

*Our guest writer is Joanna De Leon, a Goducate community development worker

Happy Happy English students appreciate friendship with Goducate volunteers

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Schools in Indonesia hold Sing Your English culminating activities

Sing Your English (SYE) is a Goducate program for teaching English through song. It was launched in two schools in Batam, Indonesia, in August 2012. It has since been introduced in more schools not only in Batam, but also in Pekanbaru, Medan, Bandung, and Jakarta.

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