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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goducate?

Goducate is a non-profit organization whose mission is to Go and Educate.

What is Goducate’s aim?

Goducate aims to help needy Asians help themselves.

How does Goducate go about reaching its aim?

Goducate provides forms of education that suit the abilities and needs of the recipient community.

What are Goducate’s core philosophies?

1.Goducate believes that charitable handouts can hurt rather than help communities.

2.Goducate believes that no community is so impoverished that it cannot play a part in helping itself.

3.Goducate believes that depriving a community of its role in helping itself robs the members of their self-worth.

4.Goducate believes that a vital part of help is to restore dignity and hope to a community.

What are Goducate’s roles in a recipient community?

1.Goducate identifies suitable communities.

2.Goducate identifies not just a community’s needs but also its resources and abilities.

3.Goducate acts as a spark to help communities initiate self-help projects by:

(a)Working together with the community’s leaders to plan the project,

(b)As far as possible, enlisting and training the locals to help themselves,

(c)Providing funding if required, but with the intention to wean the community off dependence on external funding.

What are Goducate’s roles in the sponsor’s country?

1.Goducate informs potential sponsors of recipient communities’ needs.

2.Goducate informs potential sponsors of possible ways of matching sponsors’ resources (eg, voluntary work, financial or other gifts) to recipients’ needs.

3.Goducate facilitates site visits.

4.Goducate remits funds to projects.

What proportion of financial gifts is channelled to recipient communities?

100%, unless otherwise specified by or agreed with the sponsor. This is possible because the Goducate office is run essentially by volunteers, and Goducate has a pool of sponsors and supporters who contribute to its costs of administration, banking, and travel by administrative staff, and to other headquarters’ outgoings.

Can sponsors request that their gifts be channelled to specific recipient communities?

Yes. You can request that your gift(s) be channelled to a particular project – for example, towards the running costs of the Sabah Goducate Learning Centers. We also have a “sponsor a child” scheme for the children in the Cambodia Goducate Children’s Home.

Is Goducate a religious organization?

Goducate is a non-religious educational organization that was started by three concerned Christians.