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Our Educational Programs

We believe that both needy children and adults should not be denied the opportunity to get an education that will help them in life. Education extends beyond conventional schooling. The education should be relevant to needs. For instance, children would be offered literacy programs and school education, whereas adults who have to put food on the table would be taught agricultural or other livelihood skills. Accordingly, Goducate has a range of educational programs. A brief summary of these educational programs and where they are offered is given below:

  • Literacy Program (Phonics and Numeracy): East Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore
  • Alternative Learning System developed by Philippines Department of Education: East Malaysia, Philippines
  • Modular Elementary and High School Education developed by School of Tomorrow (USA): Cambodia
  • Spoken English Proficiency: Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Singapore
  • Computer Literacy: Cambodia
  • Agricultural Livelihood Projects: Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia
  • Non-agricultural Livelihood Projects (eg, soap and detergent making, tailoring, electrical and construction work, training to be basketball referees or lifeguards, music): Philippines, East Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore
  • Teacher Training: East Malaysia
  • Life-skills Training: China, Philippines, India
  • Music: Philippines, Cambodia
  • Leadership Training: Philippines, China, India, Cambodia

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