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Our Mission

Our mission is to Go and Educate people who otherwise have no access to education, so that they can escape lives of hopelessness and uselessness. To meet this aim, our mission includes matching willing financial sponsors with the needy whose lives can be transformed by an education they would otherwise not receive.

Millions of needy people have no access to an education. They are thus at risk of living a life of hopelessness, uselessness, crime, addiction, sexually transmitted disease, etc, and they may lose their competitiveness in life. The education they need could be ordinary schooling, the teaching of livelihood skills, or lifeskills education.

Financial support is required to meet their needs and to give them a chance of progress in life.

We are aware that many people sincerely want to give to a good cause but have no time, or have no idea where to start, to search out the charitable cases that give them personal satisfaction to support. Many people then take the easy way out. They give to a charity whose cause they are not particularly passionate about. They have no further contact with the charity or the ultimate recipients of their money for the rest of the year. But they console themselves that they have done their annual charitable act.

Goducate’s aim is to match willing financial providers with needy people whose lives and hopes can be transformed by an education they would otherwise not receive.

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