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posted this in Philippines on Friday, September 15, 2017

An exchange student from Malaysia spends time with Goducate Laguna

Last month AIESEC sent Goducate Laguna an exchange student from Malaysia. The student, Toh Jia Yong, is a medical student at the University of Malaysia.

During her month here she was exposed to the different Goducate programs, such as our health-information drives and vermifarming. In return she taught biology to the students in our Alternative Learning System (ALS) program. In doing so, she demonstrated her communication skills and her patience. She also trained some Goducate staff in basic first aid.

She had three reasons for applying to work as a community development volunteer with Goducate:

  1. to expand her world view and improve her communication skills;
  2. to impact those who need help; and
  3. to share her medical background and other skills with others.

AIESEC is a platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. This independent, international, non-profit, non-political organization is run by students and recent graduates of institutes of higher education. Founded in 1948 in 7 countries, it is now present in 126 countries and territories. AIESEC was originally an acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales, but has now become the name of the organization.

Toh Jia Yong taking blood pressure

Toh Jia Yong taking blood pressure

Toh Jia Yong writes:
“My first attempt at teaching was in the ALS program, which is designed for people who have not completed their schooling. Although the students were older than me, they showed me respect as a teacher. This is a value really worth learning from Filipinos.

Filipinos are well known for their hospitability, and I couldn’t agree more. Every Friday, I went to the community together with the Goducate scholars. To my surprise one nanay (mother) invited us into her home and insisted that we had a bite and chill out at her place. Although we had only bread and plain water, I was struck by her sincerity.

Another thing that I realized is that most Filipinos are grateful for what they have. I seldom heard people complaining about what they lacked, nor did they show a sense of inferiority. I hope to be able to always adopt this kind of attitude.

Being so exposed to a community whose way of life is very different from mine has helped me comprehend the nature of life. The opportunity that Goducate gave me to join in most of its activities allowed me to experience much of the local lifestyle. It will be one of the best memories that I shall bring back to Malaysia.”


Toh Jia Yong with Goducate scholars

Toh Jia Yong with Goducate scholars

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