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Goducate runs drug-rehabilitation program for addicts in Laguna

In the Philippines, drug addicts have the stark choice of surrendering to the authorities, or risk being punished by death. The surrenderees report weekly to the police stations. There are some 68,000 surrenderees in Laguna Province, and Goducate has been invited to help 350-400 of them (see blog, May … … Read More

Goducate musicians in Laguna attend music workshop

A few weeks ago the Goducate musicians in Laguna attended a concert by the Manila Symphony Orchestra, courtesy of Mr Jeffrey Solares, the orchestra’s executive director. Last week he kindly invited our musicians to attend a workshop held at the Philippine High School for the Arts in Mt Makiling.

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Strengthening of partnership between Goducate and Tranca Elementary School in Laguna

Goducate started working with Tranca Elementary School in Tranca, Laguna, in the first quarter of 2012, with a feeding program that, after 6 months, resulted in 95% of the students attaining their appropriate weight. The success of this program led the school to invite Goducate to join them in … … Read More