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Goducate supports literacy activities for children in Myanmar

Goducate supports a team in Myanmar that conducts literacy activities for children and interested adults in 8 communities scattered around the fringe of Yangon. 3 of these communities were added in the past year and a half. Two of us from Goducate headquarters in Singapore visited the team in … … Read More

Myanmar village gets a “community center”

The mothers and children in a village just east of Yangon now have a “community center” at which to gather and socialise.  Goducate has supported educational activities at this village since February 2013. Like almost all other small villages that grew from a cluster of huts, there was no … … Read More

Progress with Goducate projects in Myanmar

A visit by a Goducate team to our Children’s Home west of Yangon 5 months ago was the first time we met its ten residential children face to face. The children were shy and just about to get used to the place and with each other. They came from … … Read More