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The Goducate Cambodian Children’s Home is under the supervision of a Filipino couple who arrived in Cambodia in 1999 and started English and computer literacy classes in Sihanoukville for children. The Home, which sits on a 7-hectare piece of land, is in in Prey Nob, about 30 min from Sihanoukville. It was started and developed in 2007.

There are 39 children at the home. They come from single-parent homes, abusive backgrounds, or impoverished backgrounds.

That piece of land has since been developed to include 2 boys’ dorms, a girls’ dorm, a kitchen and dining area that also serves as a multipurpose hall, a schoolhouse, a library and computer room, a boys’ workshop, and a girls’ workshop.

Apart from a court for various ball games, the grounds have been developed to provide food for the Home as well as livelihood training for the children. There are thus plots for growing vegetables and fruit, a fish farm, and pens for chickens and pigs.

Programs for the children include:

- Pre-school lessons
- Schooling according to the School of Tomorrow program
- Khmer language lessons
- Livelihood training in agriculture and farming, and electrical and mechanical work for the boys, and cooking and baking for the girls.
- The older children also go out with the teachers to surrounding villages to teach English and basic health education.

The buddy system at the Home has helped the children to look out for one another, and the responsibilities handed out to the children and the duty rotas they follow in the running of the Home instil in the children a sense of discipline and teamwork. In this way they have also picked up some livelihood skills—for example, in agriculture, fish farming, poultry rearing.

The children are quite fluent in English, and the Khmer lessons ensure that they will still be able to communicate with other Cambodians, most of whom do not speak English.

Two of the older children have spent nine months at the Goducate Children’s Home training to be community development workers. Back in Cambodia, they are learning more lifeskills with lessons at the boys’ workshop, contributing to the running of the Home, and helping to help others by going out with the staff to conduct English classes in the community.

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