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Since 1977 when the standardized college entrance exam was first implemented in Chinese high schools, the university population of China has risen dramatically and now hosts over 20 million students pursuing higher education.

China’s marked economic growth has benefited many of these students but has not been without its dangers as well. Only one-fourth of the over 7 million students graduating in 2010 will be unable to find jobs and will be added to the over 1 million who could not find jobs last year.

This situation has been intensified by more than 20 million migrant workers recently losing their jobs in cities. In addition, a Beijing-based recruitment site revealed that 87.8 percent of Chinese people with jobs feel unhappy about their work. Of that group, 70.8 percent said they are unhappy because they cannot figure out their career path.

This year Beijing health officials reported suicide as the top killer of young Chinese aged 15-34 with more than 2.25 million attempting to commit suicide every year, revealing yet another danger of China’s burgeoning society. These issues represent just a few of difficulties faced by young Chinese people as they adjust to the rapid changes taking place around them.