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Goducate Student Activity Center

In 2008, Goducate began formal plans to open an international life skill-based activity center for young adults in a city of about 5 million in Northeast China. By March 2009, the doors of center opened and now include almost 1000 members ranging from ages 18-30 with a goal of 2000 members by the end of 2009.

The center is geared towards providing members with essential life skill education, unique opportunities for healthy relationships, and new and exciting recreation.

Every activity from rock wall climbing to learning about photography to traveling to a distant city is meant to teach a life skill as well as provide some new and exciting experiences.

Members are also invited to take part in a leadership training program which evaluates the development of their leadership skills and presents them with opportunities to lead activities.

As members journey through these experiences, the center also provides an environment which allows members to get to know each other and find a lasting and enthusiastic group of friends.

These opportunities are extremely rare in China and provide members with skills and an education that goes far beyond their university or their individual abilities. These opportunities introduce them to a set of adventures that they can truly hang their lives on.