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(1)Goducate Language Center
The Goducate Language Center in Batam is where our community development workers from other countries undergo immersion in the Indonesian language for 3 months before they are posted to serve in other parts of Indonesia.
In order to help make the Center self-sufficient, courses in other languages (eg, English, Mandarin) are offered to fee-paying students.

In mid-2012, Goducate started a kindergarten in Batam near a squatter area occupied by some 2000 households. The kindergarten has over 70 students, attending a class for 4-5 years or 5-6 years. English is taught as one of the subjects.

(3)Teaching English
(a)SingYourEnglish (SYE) is a Goducate program of teaching basic English through song to children. Now in its third year, it is offered in 7 schools (about 1200 children) in Batam, in 5 places in Medan (about 160 children), and 8 schools and 10 communities in Pekan Baru (about 1300 children).

(b)English Corners
These are “stress-free, no examinations or grades, laugh-off-your-mistakes” sessions of conversational English for youths and adults. These are held in 2 institutions and 3 communities (total 100 participants).

Goducate’s agricultural consultant has given lectures to and held seminars/workshops for over 2600 farmers in Sumatra, Java, and the poorer provinces of East Indonesia. Topics covered have included vermicomposting, container gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics, moringa cultivation, coffee growing, rice growing, and swine raising.

(5)Community Work
Seminars are held for the women from the squatter area on topics such as health and nutrition.

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