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Goducate Learning Centers, Sabah East Malaysia

The children of stateless, displaced Filipinos in Sabah are unable to go to school. They have no identification papers and if they are caught, they will be deported back to the Philippines.

In July 2008, Goducate started the first learning center in a kampung to teach these children how to read and write. We have since started another learning center, and presently 16 local ladies teach about 400 children daily. In 2010, we plan to set up learning centers in a few more kampungs for 1000 children.

Sponsors are required for teachers’ support (ranging from MR600 for a head teacher to MR150 for assistant teacher).

Goducate Community Center, Kuala Lumpur

Every weekend, groups of migrant workers loiter around certain shopping malls in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Goducate’s first community center opened about three years ago with the aim of providing these migrants a safe and comfortable place to gather and engage in wholesome activities.