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(1)Goducate Training Center
This 11-hectare center in Iloilo is where Goducate trains community development workers (CDWs) in 6-month courses that focus on practical teaching skills, leadership skills, agriculture, livelihood skills, and community development. Most trainees are graduates of tertiary institutions. Their training is roughly equally divided into classroom lessons and community work. Community work is done in the neighboring villages. Here villagers are helped to grow their own vegetables, remedial classes are held to help those lagging behind in their schoolwork, and training is given in livelihood skills such as baking and massage.

Since the opening of the Goducate Training Center in Feb 2012 till the end of 2013, 115 CDWs have been trained. Of these, 45 are serving in Goducate work overseas (Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam). The rest are working in poor communities in the Philippines. The batch of 34 graduates trained from June to Dec 2013 have been challenged to serve in Goducate’s Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) relief and rehabilitation work.

The Goducate Training Center is working towards financial self-sufficiency. The place is open to the public who can drop in for meals and use its recreational facilities. The Center can also be booked by schools and colleges or corporate groups for its educational farm tours and recreational and residential facilities.

(2)Goducate Model Farm
This 1000 sq m model farm in Laguna Province teaches farming skills. The goal of this farm is to encourage poor families to start backyard farms to produce food for themselves. It is also open to schools and colleges for educational tours.

(3)Goducate Campsite in Laguna
The 3000 sq. m camp-site provides sports and camping facilities for youth. In 2014, vocational skills training (eg. welding) will be provided at this camp-site.

(4)Other work in Laguna Province
There are 5 literacy centers for about 60 pre-school children in villages in Laguna Province.

(b)Adult education
Youth and adults who have not completed their schooling are helped through the Phillipines Department of Education Alternative Learning System curriculum.

There are over 200 people in the music program. This program has helped musically talented students to obtain music scholarships to college, and some to earn pocket money by playing at local events or by giving private lessons. The older students also volunteer their time to go out to various villages to teach beginners.

(d)Livelihood skills
Women are taught how to make soap and detergents and decorative items using waste paper strips from paper mills. There is also a tailoring department that serves as a subcontractor for garment factories.
Men are trained to be basketball referees or lifeguards.

(5)Disaster Relief
Goducate has helped victims of natural disasters occurring near our centers of work, gving out relief supplies in the acute stage, and helping with livelihood training in the later stages. For the massive destruction that occurred with Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in late 2013, Goducate has mounted a huge relief effort concentrating on northern Panay which is near the Goducate Training Center in Iloilo. It is focusing on education by helping with temporary roofing for schools that have lost their roofs, or by building tent schools, and if necessary, by teaching in areas that have lost their teachers. It is also training the victims to use chainsaws to cut up the trees that have fallen on their homes, and to use the timber for restoring their buildings.

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