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We began our Singapore work towards the end of 2013

(1)JustSpeak English
JustSpeak English is a program of conversational English for adults who want to learn functional English without the stress of examinations. To achieve our aim of social integration, the classes are open to both migrant workers and local people. One feature of each lesson is fun-filled activities that allow students to practise what is being taught. Another feature is the half-hour English café session led by a facilitator to help small groups to practise conversational English by chatting among themselves and get to know one another better.

This program is to help Filipino migrant workers integrate into local society and to improve their lot in life through sport. ConnecTayo has started with basketball-referee training. The course meets the need for skilled and certified referees to officiate Filipino-run basketball leagues.  The plan is that referees trained under this program will form an association to oversee their own development and skills upgrading, and to promote integration by joining and developing community projects and events.

(3)Happy Happy English
This program was prompted by a riot by foreign workers on Dec 8, 2103. The program started in Jan 2014. As its name implies, the program has the dual aim of making foreign workers happy and teaching them functional conversational English. The program is run for workers living in dormitories. It starts with a few  “edutainment” sessions consisting of video and stage shows to give the workers a sense of how participating the program could be fun. These sessions are then followed by more conventional classes, during which time is built in for much practice in oral English, to give them confidence to speak the language. So far the program has been introduced in 3 dormitories.