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posted this in Philippines, Training Center on Monday, January 31, 2011

Goducate Training Center aims to be self-sustaining

The Goducate Training Center in San Miguel, Iloilo, Philippines, is fast taking shape.

The 11.2 hectare site has been transformed in the last 7 months from a forested area into a training center with agricultural fields (hybrid rice, vegetables, fruit trees), aquaculture pond (with over 3000 fish), large multipurpose hall (for training and accommodation), a camp-site (for accommodation) and recreational facilities (zip lines, horse trails, swimming/dipping pool, restaurant).

We hope to be able to take in our first batch of Goducate trainees in April. They will be trained to help poor communities of Asians help themselves. A large part of their training will be in agriculture and aquaculture so that they can help poor communities produce more food in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

The trainees will support themselves during their 6-9 month training period by producing their own food – and in the process learn transferable agricultural and aqua-cultural skills.

They will also help to run the recreational and learning activities on the site to generate funds from corporations, educational institutions and other organizations. Presently, there is a strong demand for such activities (team-building, bonding, leadership) from such organizations in Iloilo. The funds generated from these activities will help Goducate Training Center to be self-sustaining in the near future.

This is in line with Goducate’s philosophy of helping others help themselves.
If we can’t help ourselves to be self-sustianing, then how can we help others do so?

Interior of Multi-Purpose Hall

Zip-line over Fish-pond with Restaurant in background

Main entrance

Spanish pony on play-field

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