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posted this in Singapore on Friday, May 19, 2017

Goducate workers from Philippines attend addiction-recovery training in Singapore

By Vi

After 5 days of leadership training (see blog May 5), Goducate workers from the Philippines stayed on in Singapore for 3 days for a workshop on addiction recovery. They were joined by 2 Singaporean Goducate volunteers.


Introducing criteria for addiction

Introducing criteria for addiction

The addiction-recovery training was not targeted at any particular type of addiction, though at the moment the focus in the Philippines is on drug addiction. Over there, the government under President Rodrigo Duterte has made it compulsory for drug addicts and pushers to surrender to the authorities.

The surrenderees report weekly to the police stations, and Goducate has been invited to help with the rehabilitation of these people in Laguna. There are some 68,000 surrenderees in this province. The Goducate team has been seeing 350-400 of them every week.

The training was conducted by Val Gonzales, an experienced counsellor in the USA and now dean of the School of Counselling at the Singapore Bible College. The Goducate team from Laguna learnt much about how to handle the drug surrenderees. One of their first jobs will be to recruit people to the team and pass on the skills they learnt to these new members.

Trainees with certificates of completion of workshop

Trainees with certificates of completion of workshop

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