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posted this in Philippines, Training Center on Friday, August 24, 2012

GTC students prepare well for literacy teaching

Teaching literacy is likely to be one of the common tasks that Goducate’s community development workers will have to do when they finish their training and are sent to work among the needy. Even in places where the population is entitled to free state education, many children are unable to go to school, at least not regularly, because the family cannot afford the incidentals such as books, uniforms, or transport, or because the children have to be pulled out to help earn a living or look after younger sibs.

For their practical training in teaching literacy, students at the Goducate Training Center (GTC) in Iloilo go out into the neighbouring communities on Saturdays to conduct classes in literacy.

Practising using a game to teach shapes

Teaching through song

Recently I spent a couple of days at the Goducate Training Center and was impressed by how conscientiously and enthusiastically the trainees prepared for these sessions in the community. They are trained not to teach didactically. Instead, they spend much effort preparing how to capture their students’ interest and attention through creative visuals, songs, and games. Lunch breaks were used to prepare the visuals, and time was set aside to practise thoroughly how they would deliver their lessons. It was good to see them enjoying their practice. Their enthusiasm should rub off on their students.

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