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posted this in Learning Centers, Philippines on Monday, May 17, 2010

Herbal Soap Factory; Goducate Livelihood project in Laguna Philippines

The title “Herbal Soap Factory” sounds impressive. In most of our minds it conjures up the image of a spotless, high-tech factory with white-coated lab technicians. However, the Goducate Herbal Soap Factory is in a little wooden Goducate Learning Center building. And it is run by a few old ladies (one a widow) who have learned to make herbal soap for a livelihood.

Goducate soap maker

Goducate soap maker

The technique of making herbal soap has been learned by Jonathan, the Goducate Learning Center supervisor at Mabakan, Laguna, from a government sponsored course. He has since transferred the skills to these ladies. The equipment is rudimentary – a few pails, many plastic molds to contain the liquid soap, some paper to wrap the soap. The raw materials are simple – caustic soda, vegetable oil and herbal essence, eg. crushed papaya, crushed guava leaves.

The ladies patiently stir the mixture of caustic soda, oil and herbal essence for about 30 minutes before the dark brown liquid is poured into the plastic molds. When the dark brown liquid is left to cool, it turns into pure white soap! When the soap is hard enough it is knocked out of its mold and left to “mature” for a month before it can be used.

The soap is then wrapped in simple paper and sold to their neighbors for 12 pesos (about US 20 cents). The proceeds from the sale of the soap are shared between the Goducate Center, the soap makers and those who sell the soap. So far sales are satisfactory. However, efforts are being made to produce smaller pieces of soap to sell to the nearby hot-spring resorts for their guests.

Finished product - quality herbal soap

Finished product - quality herbal soap

Though the amount earned is small, soap-making encourages the spirit of enterprise among these people. Jonathan has also learned how to make dish-washing liquid and will be teaching the students at Goducate Learning Center to make and sell this soon.

Goducate wants to help Filipinos to help themselves through enterprise.

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5 comments to Herbal Soap Factory; Goducate Livelihood project in Laguna Philippines

  • Tin Maturan

    Hi good evening! I’m a student from the University of the Philippines Los Banos and I am wondering if we could take a video of your livelihood project of making soaps. It is for a requirement of us in featuring products out of non-timber forest products. We are hoping for you kind consideration thank you.

  • Edison

    we need a soaplier directly from factory

  • cheran

    Dear sir,
    We are from India.We are manufacturing large quantity of herbal hand made soaps.we can supply as your requirements.please contact us for further details.

  • Japridan Iway

    I want to know the prices of the lemon soap, tea tree soap, milk soap. carrot soap, goatsmilk and glutthaione soap. i participated a bidding in africa for 2M pcs of soap but my existing supplier is not interested of the deal anymore. hope you can txt me 09496338439

  • kipkirui

    you guy are doing great!

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