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I learnt so much about Goducate’s heart and vision to serve our children and making such a difference. It was truly such a privilege to see Cambodia in the “raw”, to share in the joy of the children and in spending the time with them. Thank you!

- Su Lian

We have been very fortunate and would like to give back something to help others in need. We find sponsoring a Cambodian child, through Goducate, particularly meaningful because we know exactly who our funds is being used for. Unlike giving to a faceless organisation, we are given her photo and we get regular updates on her progress too – like watching your own child grow. We are happy to know that we are meeting a need directly.

- Ben & Grace Ee

I have decided that giving to small charitable projects which I think worthwhile and is run by people I know to be sincere. It is better than just writing a check to big organisations.

- Cecilia Tan

We live in a country with not only an excellent education system but also an environment where no child will be left out.

The same cannot be said of children in many poor countries. For example, people in Cambodia live below the level of subsistence, a country where basic needs are hard to come by, let alone education.

Anthony and I firmly believe that one way to train up a child is through education. In fact education is the primary way for many to get out of poverty and level up with society. No matter how poor a child is, he should not be deprived of an education.

So when we heard about Goducate back in 2008, we decided to take a step of faith to sponsor a child in Cambodia. It has been a year now and we are pleased that we can help one of many underprivileged children of Cambodia.

We hope that through the Goducate programmes, more underprivileged children can have a better chance in life and subsequently be a blessing to others as well.

- Joyce