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Goducate starts new project in Laguna

In December 2021, a generous sponsor purchased, for Goducate, a 1.1-hectare plot of land at Morning Star, Barangay Mabacan Calauan, Laguna. This land is suitable for agricultural activities such as farming, and it has the potential to become a good community center because it is near where the people live. In addition, it could be developed as a resort or a place for special events because of the adjacent beautiful and refreshing scenery.

Work started on building a little nipa hut in January 2022 as a temporary shelter for those working on the land. Also being constructed is a staff house for the family who will be in charge of the property. A water pump has also been set up as a temporary source of water for the people staying there and for the vegetables and ornamental plants that are being grown on the land. This water pump is also serving some residents in the area who otherwise have had to travel a long distance to obtain their daily supply of water.

Goducate is starting to connect with the people in the area and to create positive ties with them through community projects, such as the feeding program and youth life talks.

*Our guest writer is Annaliza Espanola, a Goducate volunteer staff member.


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