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Families enjoy Goducate Academy’s Virtual Family Fun Day

Is it possible to do a family challenge without competitors seeing each other physically? Certainly, going by APIIS (Asia Pacific Institute of International Studies) Goducate Academy’s Family Fun Day held virtually on March 27.

Families were grouped into the following teams—Yellow Bees (Nursery Class), Blue Dolphins (Kindergarten Class), and the Red Tigers (Elementary Class). Ten exciting challenges were given to each team, and distributed to the families within the team. Challenges included Egg Eating, Cookie Eating, Ball Catch, Tissue Relay, Tomato Relay, Coin Relay, Bottle Flipping, Longest I Love You, Paper Folding, and Cup Pyramid. If a team had fewer than 10 families, some of the families would take on more than one challenge.

Every family did the challenge according to the rules given. Families had been given sample videos of the challenge, so that they clearly understood what to do. Then each family recorded the video and submitted it, without cuts or any editing, to Goducate Academy. The team at Goducate Academy compiled the family challenge videos and edited them to see which family finished first.

A virtual cheering was also recorded by every family, and the videos of their cheers were compiled and made into one exciting cheering video.

On Family Fun Day, everybody sat down, relaxed, and enjoyed watching the compilation of the creative videos they had submitted, and in which they were celebrities.

A virtual Family Fun Day is thus no different from a face-to-face one in that families can enjoy themselves and bond together whether they are taking part in an actual or a virtual Family Fun Day.

Our guest writer is Rebecca Depalubos, one of our Goducate staff.


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