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Goducate launches YOUthTalk

Advancing its mission to empower and develop youth, Goducate’s Youth Development Program (GoYouth) achieved a significant milestone on March 22, 2024, with the launch of YOUthTalk in the Philippines.

YOUthTalk is an online program designed to facilitate discussions among youth on various topics related to character development. During this inaugural session, the topic of resilience was explored in depth. The program's format involves playing videos related to the topic, followed by participants being divided into groups to discuss the content. Each group then shares its insights with everyone, and the host concludes with a summary and key takeaway.

YOUthTalk’s inaugural session, held on Zoom, attracted an impressive attendance of 132 enthusiastic youths nationwide. Although most participants hailed from various Goducate platforms such as GoScholars, GoFeed, and GoSports, the program also welcomed individuals from other backgrounds, reflecting its inclusive reach and appeal.

Participants were excited and engaged throughout the launch, thoroughly enjoying the topic presented. During breakout-room sessions, participants discussed the material with great enthusiasm, sharing insights and personal experiences, which enriched the learning experience for everyone involved.

The plan is to conduct YOUthTalk sessions once a month, with each session focusing on a different aspect of character development. YOUthTalk promises to serve as a catalyst for positive change, empowering youth to unlock their full potential and emerge as exemplary leaders within their communities.

*Our guest writer is John Ericson Pereira, our Program Director of GoYouth.


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