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Goducate sets up study hubs in Laguna

Goducate Laguna envisions setting up places where underprivileged students can gather to study. The goal is to establish three physical study hubs with stable internet connections.

So far, there are hubs in three places:

  1. The hub in Goducate Laguna headquarters (in Barangay Puypuy, Bay) is already open for students.

  2. The one in Meek & Lowly Sanctuary (in Barangay Tagumpay, Bay) is also open for students, but internet connection has yet to be fully established.

  3. There is still no fixed physical hub in Barangay Mabacan, Calauan, but the houses of Goducate staff and/or scholars are being used as temporary hubs.

In the third week of November, laptops were distributed to some Goducate Scholars and other students. There are also plans to purchase other items, such as printers, tables, whiteboards, etc., for the study hubs to be fully operational.

*Our guest writer is Jeric Pereira, a volunteer staff member at Goducate Laguna and person in charge of the study hubs.


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